October 2017 Archives

Sangha Forum

Twice a year, the sangha has an opportunity to hear from our governing bodies and to ask questions and give feedback. The fall forum is primarily sponsored by the Board of Directors, giving updates on where we are with the property development, fundraising and finances, board activities, and more. The Dharma Council also gave a […]


On Sunday, October 29, celebrated our annual Segaki Festival. This festival invites the hungry ghosts in and offers them the kindness of food that may appeal to them – sweets, salty snacks, and especially donuts. During the Festival we read a list of names of those who have died in the last year, or those […]

Dharma Rain News

Both painters and roofers showed up Wednesday. The duplexes got painted, and the roofers made a start at repairing the roof. Volunteers also worked to dig French drains to prevent bogs and lakes around the houses during the rainy season. The color of the houses now blends with the Sodo. When the roof repairs are […]

The Third Noble Truth: Nirvana is Possible

The Four Noble Truths, one of Buddhism’s basic foundational teachings, is all about suffering. This can sound dreary, even grim, not very inviting. It’s important to focus on suffering, but also important not to forget the possibility of joy. What is Nirvana, and how is it possible? This talk was given Sunday, October 15.

Dharma Rain News

Work continues on the duplexes. Featured this week are the doors: putting locks on them and painting them to match the Sodo doors. Eventually, the outside of the duplexes will harmonize with the Sodo. There is also work on soffits and flashing and other details to continue to get them ready for use. Two Dharma […]

Making the Most of This Human Life

As we struggle to get by and overcome obstacles, we can get confused, angry, and sad. As we develop our practice and self-awareness, subtle changes in outlook have the capacity to transform our view of life and suffering in radical ways. This talk was given Sunday, October 8.

Dharma Rain News

A new practice this year is having Dharma School children, teachers and parents come into the zendo at the end of Dharma Talk. They practice putting their shoes straight on the engawa before entering, then bow and find a place (quietly!) in the zendo. We all chant the Tisarana (the Three Refuges in Pali) together, […]