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Caterpillars and Butterflies

by Jyoshin Clay Editor’s Note: This talk was given August 20, 2017. The recording failed for it, so Jyoshin graciously shared her notes. “Hide and Reveal,” by Ken Arnold What you cannot see, What sunlight hides in the artful Tangle of spring, Draws you in. Notice how the moss on this stone Layers down its […]

Caterpillars and Butterflies

We habitually locate ourselves, or rather our sense of self, at the center of our own story, our own narrative, the center of our drama. Often when people come to practice, there is a sense that giving up our story is part of the task of the practitioner and fear of losing ourselves arises. However, […]

Dharma Rain News

Work on the duplexes continues. This week we’ve been working on utilities, especially plumbing, and removing some siding that we are replacing with other siding. The torn-up land with caution tape will likely continue to be a presence for another week or so, until we can get some inspections completed. Wednesday Work Parties We have […]

Lay Disciple Ordinations

On June 14, 2017, Wy’East Zen Center celebrated the lay disciple ordination of Kimberly Choan Wood-Saldana (in grey robe above), taking Jyoshin as her teacher. She is flanked by Shintai (blue rakusu) and Jyoshin (gold rakusu), who are Dharma Rain teachers serving the group. Next to Jyoshin are Gyokuko Carlson, abbot of Dharma Rain, and […]

Respect Polka

The source of respect is the unlimited heart of Buddha Nature. Jealousy and envy arise when we entertain the anxiety that there is not enough of something for us. Starting from the Buddha’s generous predictions of Buddhahood for his disciples, Gyokuko will explore our practice of giving and receiving respect. This talk was given Sunday, […]

Dharma Rain News

The AZTA (American Zen Teachers Association) conference last week brought together teachers from all over the country to share information and do a little business. The sessions were helpful and interesting, and the schmoozing in between times were also helpful. It was a remarkable conference for harmony. The photo shows everyone who attended except Gyokuko, […]

Dharma Rain News

The AZTA (American Zen Teachers Association) conference has been meeting here since Wednesday night. In between sessions, the participants engage in lively discussions comparing notes about practices in different temples, etc. Our esteemed tenzo Shin’yu, aided by dedicated volunteers, has been making wonderful meals for conference participants. This week’s work on the duplexes consisted mainly […]

Co-Abbot Installation

This Sunday, August 6, at 10:30am, you are cordially invited to witness as Kakumyo is officially installed as co-abbot in an Ascending the Mountain ceremony. All are invited to witness and participate in this exciting and significant step in the growth of our temple. Note that there will be NO Regular Sunday morning program that […]