Month: January 2017

Bukkai takes a risk and talks about joy, in a talk that is part lecture from Buddhist sources and part practice advice and instruction. This talk was given Sunday, January 29.

This week’s Wednesday work party worked on finishing the siding for the front of the barn and also to caulk on the inside in an effort to stop leaks. If putting a bird on it signifies approval, then we must have succeeded. We really value our volunteers, who were happy to return after a couple… Read more »

Sunday 3:58 AM One last shot at Rohatsu Everyone’s still asleep Savoring the still still of sesshin seventh A journal and warm tea ablution by the back French doors I realize what I’d hoped was moonlight Bathing the kitchen all this time Nothing but an overdone silver screen The last ditch katz of a lone… Read more »

Dharma Rain’s Sewing Master Genko Rainwater shares some of the research that has contributed to the Zen Sewing Study Group meeting on Tuesday nights. There’s a lot of interesting history behind the various kinds of robes that we wear. Beyond that, she will look at the practice of wearing robes (including rakusus and wagessas), the… Read more »

A sigh of relief has been heard in the land. Snow and ice has melted, and snow boots have been put away to dry. Delayed shopping has been accomplished. Now there are clean-up tasks of various sorts to do, and people can again attend our events safely. Several sangha members are away, at Inauguration events… Read more »

One of the attachments that many of us work hard to satisfy is an aversion to failure. This is a particularly interesting attachment for several reasons. This Sunday, Kakumyo will explore why, and make a dharmic case for failure as a crucial ingredient in one’s spiritual path. This talk was given Sunday, January 15.

The beauty of a rare winter snowstorm has been breathtaking. The weather has impacted our attendance, though we have continued our schedule of events. A few hardy souls trickle in to various things, like the sewing class on Tuesday and Wednesday’s Precepts class. We are asking that people use their own best judgment about whether… Read more »

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