February 2016 Archives

The Stone House

Sometimes the troubles of the world overwhelm us, and we sink into despair. We may feel depressed or angry as we see the suffering around us. Despair is actually a crucial experience in practice. How do we work with this state and the accompanying emotions? How do we move forward with compassion to ease suffering […]


This Sunday we will celebrate Nehan, a festival that commemorates the death of Shakyamuni Buddha. It celebrates the transmission of the Dharma (teaching) throughout the ages – a transmission that is not dependent on the physical presence of the original teacher. After the Nehan ceremony, Bukkai’s talk will be based on the Buddha’s last words […]

Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

As a result of your gifts, work continues full speed ahead in the kitchen. We installed the cabinets last week so they could be templated for counter tops. This week, they are being moved to allow for plumbers and electricians to work toward installation of sinks and appliances. Sherman and Jiko help Fujaku with this. […]

Face to Face: On Teaching and Learning

In Dogen’s chapter Kajo he says that the thoughts and words of the ancestors are “everyday tea and rice.” Having just returned from a sesshin in which this fascicle, which translates as “Everyday Activity,” was studied, Seido offers some reflections on Dogen’s meaning within the context of our lineage tradition. On Valentines Day, this talk […]

Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

As a result of your gifts, work continues on the kitchen, with the cabinets in the process of being installed. The convection oven has come in. Countertops are planned, and will take a while. We are hoping to cook in the kitchen for Jukai. Once we have a working kitchen, the building will feel more […]

Ascending the Mountain Ceremony

On February 7, 2016, Kakumyo Lowe-Charde was installed as Co-Abbot Pro Tem. This begins his kessei term, where he serves as co-abbot, training his own shuso, for a period of 11 months, when he will be tested. More than 80 people witnessed at least some part of this ceremony, many participating in it in various […]

Shin San Shiki – Ascending the Mountain

This Sunday, February 7, a special ceremony will take the place of the usual Sunday service and Dharma Talk. It includes a procession where the incoming Co-Abbot Pro Tem arrives at the temple, doing bows, intoning dharma phrases, and is greeted by the sangha amidst much ceremonial. The procession includes temple officers and representatives from […]

Shuso Hossen and New Shuso Installation

On January 30, 2016, Kei’un finished her year as shuso with a Hossen ceremony. She presented a verse from the “Litany of the Great Compassionate One” (part of Vespers), and invited all attending to question her about it. Om to the one who leaps beyond all fear… Thy life is the completion of meaning; It […]

Help Finish the Sodo

Sodo front steps, engawa building and kitchen cabinets are the main focus for volunteer effort this week. Come and help us out, and enjoy the benefits of work practice with Sangha. We can use your help anytime that we’re on schedule and not on retreat, just let Ikuo (ikuohull at gmail.com) know beforehand so we […]