July 2015 Archives

Wholesome Companions

The Buddha encouraged his followers to choose wholesome companionship, and to stay away from unwholesome people. What does this mean? The people with whom we spend our time will always have an influence on us – but we can’t always choose them. How do we navigate family and work environments? How do we bow to […]

Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

This week has seen the arrival our new power pole, which will deliver electricity to our property very soon (we hope!). The Wednesday work project this week brought in Groundwork again to work on completing the ravine path. They’ve even put some rocks artistically on the borders of the path in places, and it looks […]

A Meditation on Simplicity

It is a frequent modern lament that our lives feel packed with competing demands and are complicated to the point of overwhelm. For lay Buddhists, this can seem like far cry from Buddha’s example of living with only a robe and a begging bowl. Zen rituals distill teachings down to their essence and focus the […]

Endurance and the Perfection of Patience

We all endure many things small and large, from summer heat to the death of loved ones. Kshanti, a Sanskrit term sometimes translated as Patience, is one of the six Paramitas, or Perfections in Buddhism. Sometimes patience gets a bad rap for being passive. How can it lead us to perfection? How does it relate […]

Successful 4th of July at Siskiyou Square

About 50 people showed up on a very hot 4th of July for our neighborhood picnic – DRZC members, neighbors, family members and friends. Lots of good grilled food and potluck items, cold drinks, and good conversation made it a big success. Bits and pieces of work continue inside the Sodo. The latest is a […]

Lotus Blooming: Why Does it Matter?

While Lotus Blooming – our fundraising campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square – is about money, our vision and aspiration for Siskiyou Square is about the Dharma. So, why does Lotus Blooming matter? “Dharma Rain’ on SE Madison was cozy and warm. To me, our new temple is effort and sacrifice – and I […]

What’s Before

We all share a yearning to feel harmony within ourselves, with our relations, and with the situation around us. We find as we try to express this yearning that the sense of congruence and alignment comes and goes. Stepping onto this path of practice we notice and gradually shift behaviors so that that congruence happens […]