Recitation of the Avatamsaka Sutra

June 23, 2024 @ 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
Uji East - :Library (unless otherwise specified)
8500 NE Siskiyou St
Portland, OR 97220

Note: July 14 chanting will take place in the Sodo.

Fumyo and Kakuon lead the ancient, traditional practice of the recitation of the Avatamsaka (Flower Ornament) Sutra.

We will chant aloud as a group for approximately 30 minutes each week. No registration required; please attend as you are interested or able.

We meet in the library on Sundays after the dharma talk, or on Saturdays at 10:00 AM. Please check the online calendar; the scheduled dates are slightly irregular.

We plan to use Cleary’s translation of the Sutra. Please bring your own copy if you have one. There are a limited number of extra copies available for use in the library.

According to Thomas Cleary, this sutra “is perhaps the richest and most grandiose of all Buddhist sutras, held in high esteem by all schools of Buddhism that are concerned with universal liberation. Its incredible wealth of sensory imagery staggers the imagination and exercised an almost mesmeric effect on the mind as it conveys a wide range of teachings through its complex structure, colorful symbolism, and its mnemonic concentration formulae.”

If you have questions, please contact Fumyo or Kakuon at

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