Dharma Rain Zen Center

DRZC is a diverse group of people who come together to share the practice of meditation, and to study the principles of Buddhism. The purpose of the Center is to offer instruction in Zen practice and Buddhist teachings, and to provide a place where people can form a community that supports Zen practice in everyday life.

Statement of Inclusivity

This Sangha acknowledges that suffering is a human condition which can be made worse because of biases or prejudices for or against any race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, political party, or other belief or position. This Sangha welcomes and affirms all who come here to seek the Way, and who will work toward respectful acceptance of others across our many differences, harmonizing the one and the many.


The Mission of DRZC as set forth in the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation is:

  • To provide for the Transmission of the teachings and practice of Soto Zen Buddhism.
  • To be a sanctuary of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in such a way as to cultivate compassion, love, wisdom and understanding within the members.
  • To preserve the Transmission lineage.
  • To promote lay practice first, but also provide for priest training.
  • To provide the facilities and support the priests necessary for these ends, and to meet the religious needs of the members, their families and the community at large.
  • To provide the traditional religious services, counseling and instruction of a Soto Zen Temple, and to provide additional facilities such as retreat centers, affiliate temples, etc. as deemed necessary by the membership to fulfill these purposes.