Online Wednesday Zazen and Class: Paramitas

March 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
8500 NE Siskiyou St
Portland, OR 97220

This class series is now being Zoomed. Please see information below on how to join. 

This class will cover the six paramitas, also called “perfections,” that are emphasized in Zen literature and training, as well as two other paramitas seen widely in Buddhism.  The Sanskrit word paramita transliterates as “to the opposite shore,” metaphorically referring to practices for going from tthe shore of suffering and samsaric cycling, to the opposite shore, enlightened activity.  During this seven-week foundational teaching’s class, we will start with a pan-Buddhist overview  and then focus weekly on one or two of the paramitas conceptually and in relationship to personal practice and experience. The six paramitas are: Dana (giving, generosity), Shila (ethical conduct, morality), Kshanti (forbearance/ patience), Virya (joyful effort, zeal. enthusiastic effort), Dhyana (meditative settling, stabilization, or focus) and Prajna (dharmic insight or ‘great’ wisdom). The class also covers Upaya (skillful means, compassionate means) and Pranidhana (vowing/ aspiration).



These links and phone numbers will stay the same for this class. 

Link                                                                     Meeting ID                                   One tap mobile                       845-539-108                                 1-346-248-7799 854539108 (Houston)

1-669-900-6833 854539108 (San Jose)

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