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Years: 2018
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Willingness to Change

Kakumyo looks at how we work with well-established karma and confusion. He consults the Samanaphala Sutra for help.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Thorough Study

What is the role of study in Zen? We have inherited a tradition “without dependence on words and letters,” and yet books and stories are key parts of our life of practice. How do we balance intellectual work and learning with a focus on meditation and daily activity?

Categories: Dharma Talks

Sallie Jiko Tisdale
A Safe Foundation for Practice

Western psychology tells us that our personal needs for safety must be met before we can do much with our instinct towards spiritual transformation. This seems to be true, but that ‘seems’ encompasses a lot of territory that’s worth exploring: What is the source of the sense of danger that often arises as we push against our edges of practice? How does a sense of danger interfere with our practice? How can we discern between real and imagined danger? Can fear even assist our spiritual journey? How do the three refuges help? How can we practice with this? We will explore these and other questions together. Please bring your aspiration and fear.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Mike Gyoshi Kaplan
Awe, Insight, Immediacy

As the stream of life flows through awareness, some moments stand out as being more meaningful, impactful, or important. We may assume that it’s because of the content of what we’re aware of, but usually, it’s not. How do we cultivate experiences of awe, insight and immediacy in our daily life?

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde

On Sunday, February 4, we celebrated our annual Nehan ceremony, commemorating the Buddha’s passing into parinirvana. Jyoshin’s talk reflected on the teachings of the death of the Buddha and explored its significance for those of us practicing the Buddha’s path 2600 years later. How do we relate to these teachings? What is applicable for modern Zen students in a culture where death is often hidden away out of sight?

Categories: Dharma Talks

Jyoshin Clay
Past the Mirror

Beyond the karmic mirror, we find that enlightenment is communal. Kakumyo speaks of preference and renunciation in a spiritual community

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
The Unexamined Life

As he swallowed the cup of poison hemlock, Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living. Our practice encourages us to know the self, but also to drop the self. When is self-examination self-indulgence? When is dropping the self avoiding the facts?

Categories: Dharma Talks

Gyokuko Carlson
Justice and Mercy

What is Justice, and how does it relate to Mercy? Both are kind of old-fashioned words, old-fashioned virtues, and both are interpreted in a variety of ways. Genko talks about Dharma Rain’s prison program, social justice, and how all of this relates to the Dharma.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Genko Rainwater
The Assembly’s Heart

How we engage in the tasks before us is both a spur for and a measure of our path. As we install a new shuso and enter a new term of practice, we consider what it means to work with the mind of practice.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Sallie Jiko Tisdale
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