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Years: 2016
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The Palette of Practice

This Sunday Kakumyo will speak about his upcoming kessei term as part of the preparation for becoming co-abbot. His taking up this challenge suggests a question for all of us: How do we blend the depth of insight and the routine of integrity with the complexities and inadequacies of our embodied lives? Drawing beauty from the palette of practice with virtuosity is a lifetime challenge that lands on us as individuals and as a sangha.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Mature Practice

What are the markers of maturity in the practice? How do we define this subjective term? We teach that practice is enlightenment, there are no stages of enlightenment. Yet there are real markers of development in practice, qualities we develop and can recognize over time. One is generosity, giving the self freely. A sense of humor (especially about oneself) is another. What else? The list can be surprising.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Sallie Jiko Tisdale
Practice with Aversion

Categories: Dharma Talks

Mike Gyoshi Kaplan
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