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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a well-known aphorism that describes how we discover truth by building on the previous discoveries of those who came before us. This is also an apt description of the process whereby we learn to experience the truth of our own Buddha natures by building on the experience and relying on the guidance of our teachers and of the Buddhas and ancestors before them. During this Sunday’s Dharma talk Fumyo will discuss aspects of this student-teacher relationship, its process, paradoxes, and its continuing importance in our Zen practice.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Rick Fumyo Mishaga
Optimism and Emptiness

Last Sunday we celebrated our annual Nehan Festival, and Gyokuko gave the Dharma Talk. This week Kakumyo picks up two themes that Gyokuko talked about, and explores them further.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde


Our annual Nehan Festival commemorates the parinirvana of the Buddha and his final teaching. This involves a special service in place of Full Morning Service. This year, Gyokuko gave the Dharma Talk associated with Nehan on February 8.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Gyokuko Carlson
Fools, Secrets, and Hosts

What does it mean to “function secretly, like a fool”? The final lines of one of our daily scriptures is packed with important teaching, in the simplest of language. The Zen fool is different from the conventional meaning of this world. So is a secret – and so is the host. We will look at the Five Ranks, beginner’s mind, and what it means be the “host within the host.”

Categories: Dharma Talks

Sallie Jiko Tisdale
Edges and Ledges

We sometimes use the phrase “the edge of my practice.” What does this mean? What kinds of edges do we face? And what about plateaus, ledges, mountains, and other geographical features of our practice? Genko will trek through some of these in this Sunday’s talk.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Genko Rainwater
Be One with Your Delusion

Sekkei Harada gives this advice in his lectures in a new book Unfathomable Depths, Drawing Wisdom for Today from a Classical Zen Poem. Let’s see if Gyokuko can draw any wisdom from that.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Gyokuko Carlson
What is Trust

One of the fruits of spiritual practice is that we trust those around us. It’s not that we become gullible, but we see more layers. It’s important to look at trust because we tend to undervalue its place in our lives. This talk explored who trusts, and where that trust lands, rather than how we decide what to trust.

Categories: Dharma Talks

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
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