Wednesday Evening


On Wednesdays, evening service and zazen (sitting meditation) are held at the Uji Building (8500 NE Siskiyou) at 7pm. The service is a recitation of the Fukanzazengi (or Kyojukaimon in February and March), and takes about 10 minutes. From 7:10 to 7:40pm is zazen. Then there’s a break for tea and cookies.

Classes begin a few minutes before 8pm and go to about 9pm. Wednesday night classes are open to all, and are particularly useful for people new to Zen practice. There is no charge, though donations are gratefully accepted.

This schedule changes during the summer.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Chanting Service

Sunday morning services begin at 8:30am and include two 30-minute periods of zazen with 10 minutes of kinhin (slow walking meditation) between them, followed by a chanting service at 9:40am, informal tea about 10:15am, and either a dharma talk or a discussion led by a senior member beginning around 10:30am.

Other Meditations and Services

Think about joining us for early morning practice. During summer and winter months, morning zazen Wednesday–Saturday is from 6:30–7:30am, followed by a short service. It is an “open” sitting, which means you are welcome to come in and leave at any point. During fall and spring Ango periods, the schedule begins at 5:30am.

Wednesday–Friday morning services alternate among various parts of the full morning service chants, or the Kanzeon Universal Gateway chapter of the Lotus Sutra.

Saturday morning services are listed as “Dharani Chants.” Each week offers one of several different services. The dharanis are energetic chants, some with syncopated rhythms, so if you haven’t experienced them, please join us for something a little different. The schedule is the same as weekday mornings.

This schedule changes depending on time of year, retreats and other events. Please keep checking the schedule for locations, and to make sure events are happening as planned.