We would like to invite you to consider membership in the Dharma Rain Zen Center. Membership represents commitment to the Sangha and the Buddhist training that the Sangha embodies. Membership is required to vote for the members of Board of Directors and on any other issues that come up for a vote. Members pledging at any level receive access to the library and discounts on fee events. Some classes and events are only open to members.

Become a member!

A Full Member:

  • has been pledging at any of the specified levels listed below for one year, and
  • has taken the Precepts, and
  • attends Zen Center functions regularly.

Some Zen Center offices and events are restricted to Full Members.

Membership Categories

A Benefactor is a member pledging $100 per month or more. Benefactors are investing in the long term development of Dharma Rain Zen Center. This development will improve on the resources we already have, and ensure their continued availability to the growing number of people seeking the Dharma in the greater Portland area.

A Sustaining Member pledges $75-$99 per month. Pledging at this level helps the Center keep the fees for retreats and other events low, and to continue providing classes and workshops free of charge to the general community.

A Supporting Member pledges $50-$74 per month. This is the basic level of Center membership, in that contributions at this level are enough to keep the facilities open and to help support the priests and other essential staff.

A Center Friend pledges $30-$49 per month. Pledges at this level help cover our basic expenses such as mortgage, utilities, mailing costs and general supplies.

An Associate Member pledges $10-$29 per month or a lump sum of $100 for one year. This category is primarily for students and others with limited income, but is also for those who may be less involved, yet wish to make a contribution to the Center.