About Us

Dharma Rain Zen Center is a Soto Zen temple for lay practice. It is dedicated to helping people cultivate and realize Zen Buddhism in normal, everyday American lives. The temple is committed to maintaining an open and accessible atmosphere that is, at the same time, conducive to a deep, intimate, and well-balanced practice.

Ho U Ji Kanji 3During most of the year, the Center operates a daily schedule of morning and evening meditation periods, as well as offering classes, workshops and residential practice.

Dharma Rain is nationally known for its Children’s Programs, especially the Dharma School. The manual, Sharing the Dharma with Children explains in depth the history, philosophy, structure, and curriculum of the school.

A mandala of councils and teams, including an elected board of directors, keeps the community involved in the running of the temple.

The document, Ethics and Precepts in Sangha Relationships, outlines our ethical standards.

Dharma Rain is in the midst of a capital campaign, Lotus Blooming, to support its current endeavor to build a new campus in Northeast Portland.