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Shuso Hossen

This last Sunday, Annen ended her 6-month term as shuso by presenting a verse from Genjokoan by Dogen. Dharma Rain and visiting teachers, as well as sangha members, questioned her, testing her understanding of the verse. She passed the test, according to her teacher Jiko, and received congratulations. This coming Sunday Yoan will be installed […]

Shuso Change

On January 7, Annen will be installed as our new shuso. The shuso (also known as the Chief Junior) sits near the abbots at the front on the hall, and during her/his term of service is responsible for many of the logistical aspects of meditation periods, retreats, forms, and work practice. S/he also walks kentan […]

Treasuring the Sangha Treasure

by Jeanna Annen Moyer Every year for the past several years, Dharma Rain has had a spring fundraiser to raise money for our operating costs. While we are largely supported by member donations, the annual event has been a big help in meeting the costs of utilities, insurance, food, and many other expenses that are […]

From Still Point – November 2010 – Question: Authority

By Jeanna Annen Moyer I have spent much of my life as a student; I love to learn. I spent the usual years in primary and secondary school, and then went on to college and several years of graduate school.  I’ve pursued many other kinds of learning, in all kinds of things — water safety, […]