Householder Refuge

A Simple & Quiet Life in Community

“There are these four grounds for the bonds of community.
Which four? Generosity, kind words, beneficial help, consistency.
These are the four grounds for the bonds of community.”

–The Buddha

Are you interested in a home with a Zen temple and wildlife refuge in your backyard? Do you appreciate the value of community, and also want to live independently, on your own schedule, with your own lifestyle? Does living in an urban area, 15 minutes from downtown, but surrounded by 14 acres of greenspace and nearby parks appeal to you? Do you want the resources you need without having to handle every detail on your own?

If so, living with us at the Householder Refuge cohousing community can allow you to live simply, receive support in creating the life you want, enjoy like-minded folks while having the privacy you need, share stewardship of ample garden and habitat areas, and have easy access to programs and services at Dharma Rain Zen Center.

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Householder Refuge Cohousing
NE 85th & Siskiyou
Portland, Oregon
(503) 239-4846