Dear Friends of Dharma Rain Zen Center:

At Dharma Rain, we have a long history of providing access to the Dharma at low or no cost whenever possible. Our commitment to this continues during current circumstances related to COVID-19. We have worked hard to quickly make many of our programs available online, most of them at no cost.

While we are pleased to be able to offer so much online, losses in revenue from in-person events have had a significant impact on our finances. We have applied for and are optimistic we may receive some federal funds intended to help small organizations, but there is still a significant shortfall.

To meet this circumstance, this year we are having an online fundraiser from May 31- June 7, 2020. Our goal is to raise $20,000. We invite you to support us in cultivating compassion, love, and wisdom by making a donation below. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

Please click below to donate via PayPal or credit card. If you would prefer, donations via check may be mailed to: Dharma Rain Zen Center, 8500 NE Siskiyou, Portland, OR 97220. Dharma Rain is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible.


2020 Annual Fundraiser: You’re Still Here

While many of us have not been to the Dharma Rain campus in recent months, we are all Still Here—as members of the sangha, in our everyday lives, and in our practice as it unfolds in the current circumstances.

Click here to hear a message about this from our Abbot, Kakumyo Lowe- Charde.

Click here to read a message from J Kakuon Christian, Chair of our Board of Directors.

Please click below to donate via PayPal or credit card. If you would prefer, donations via check may be mailed to: Dharma Rain Zen Center, 8500 NE Siskiyou, Portland, OR 97220. Dharma Rain is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible.


15 comments on “2020 Annual Fundraiser

  1. Patrick Ryan on

    I am happy to contribute what I can to this community, and continually do so. Dharma Rain has been a stable place to practice for decades, and offers a loving community to practice with as well. It has been without exaggeration life changing for me – a place where I have found genuine, compassionate community and where I feel like I can be seen and supported. That relationship comes with work and effort on my part, but it has always come with rewards. I have nothing but tremendous gratitude for this sangha and its members.

  2. Jiko on

    The fact that I am not bereft of sangha because we are not physically together – that I am not without Dharma, though I am not hearing it spoken – that I am not away from the temple, though my body isn’t there – speaks to the power of what I’ve gotten from practicing at Dharma Rain. Sangha is the greatest of treasures, because that is where we meet Buddha stepping forward in real life, speaking Dharma in many voices. Our community exists always. But wonderful, wonderful that we have a beautiful temple, too.

  3. Thomas Bruner on

    18 years in, and my understanding of the importance of sangha as one of the three treasures continues to deepen. Sangha has shared and helped me hold my joy and grief, success and failure, assuredness and doubt. In recent months I have been nourished by seeing and hearing my dharma family via technology, knowing people at the temple were holding the form, socially-distant sanzen on the engawa, and solitary walks on the property. Deep gratitude.

  4. Ko'in on

    I am filled with gratitude when I consider the impact that Dharma Rain has had on my life, and on the lives of family members. The teachings are offered freely, and the Teachers have offered generously to me and my kin for nearly 30 years. May we, with all beings, realize the Buddha Way.

  5. Bukkai Washburn on

    Hello all, I will tell you that my heart lives in our beautiful space and wise practice, whether on campus or at home.
    – Bukkai

  6. nancy gonzales on

    i made my donation today cuz I heard if you did that you may get a little treat! Much more than that, my heart is so full of gratitude that this temple is a reality. the work of so many others with full hearts brought it into being. like me, they will help keep it going. thanks to all precious sangha members. can’t wait to be with you in the zendo again, safe and strong. many bows.

  7. Muchaku on

    I’m feeling so grateful for many things during this challenging time, including the safety of my home, food on my table, health, continued employment, and the ability to maintain connection with friends and loved ones, including the DRZC sangha. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now without my beloved sangha and the ability to see you all every Sunday with the help of video technology. My favorite part of Sundays on Zoom is seeing all the teachers and residents gather around the computer to greet us after zazen and service. It brings joyful tears to my eyes every time! It will be a glorious day when we all can gather together again in our temple. Until then, know that I am here practicing with you all and sending love.

  8. Polly Gemmon Lauser on

    Gifts received. To walk through a day as part of, while also, the whole. Awareness in the background, open to the foreground, wide open, pinpoint. Holding the heavy and light, dark and light, loosely and tight. Infinite choice. How many eons would it have taken to find these gifts-in-plain-sight without DRZC?

  9. Rev. Koun Franz on

    I’ve been wanting to visit Dharma Rain for 20 years because I’ve been inspired by their conservative, traditional approach to monastic training on the one hand and their innovative, visionary approach to engaging with the wider community on the other.

  10. Rachel Kelly on

    While I am having a harder time engaging with the community during this time, I am so grateful to DRZC and I am so happy to give to this fundraiser, and am looking forward to sitting with you all again soon.

  11. Annen on

    I’m so homesick for the sun rising behind Rocky Butte during early morning sitting, having oryoki meals together, sitting in the Sodo with my beloved sangha! But the dharma wheel continues to turn. I’m so grateful for all that awaits us when we can once again safely practice together. And so glad that I can help nurture and sustain this by making a donation. I miss you all!

  12. Sokyo on

    In deep gratitude for the invaluable Dharma and Sangha members that have, and will continue to flow through the present DRZC setting into perpetuity—long after my personal life ends. The “benefits” of practice and compassionate guidance has been critical to my groundedness.
    May we all preserve and thrive.

  13. Zonnyo on

    I’ve tried on many different responses to this challenging time. What keeps coming forward is the importance of clarity and awareness that are the gifts of this practice. Nothing else has the same pull. Dharma Rain has supported my practice through this very challenging time, and through many other circumstances. So although I’ve been affected financially by the pandemic, today I’m making a donation to return the support I’ve been given; and to help ensure its continued offering to others.

  14. Kaishin on

    I am deeply grateful for this perilous time, when we find ourselves awakening in some necessary way together. I am bowing to the wisdom of our lineage at Dharma Rain, and to the beautiful practice centered there, the practice we are doing together. From one perspective, I am “hardly there” anymore, having moved out of Portland. And yet, for me the schedule is never far from mind, knowing people are sitting in the kendo is precious to know. I am honored to give what I can to support this beautiful form of practice. It is so needed. Deep bows.

  15. kevin Minshu dorney on

    I feel lucky to have walked through the door at DRZC and wish to keep the doors open so others may have the same opportunity,
    thank you for your practice,
    many bows


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