Annual Fundraiser: No Separation
(May 2 – May 9)

Moonrise, and I long for home.
In a breath, I realize–
beloved sangha, breathing with me.


Our annual fundraiser has concluded, and over $26,000 in funds were raised. We are deeply grateful for the wonderful support and generosity of our sangha. Thank you to all who donated! 

If you missed the fundraiser but would still like to donate, please click the Donate button below. All donations are gratefully received.

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In the past year, despite incredible challenges, our practice as a sangha has endured and thrived. Our usual in-person forms have been rapidly adapted to allow us to continue to practice together, blurring the lines between home and zendo, allowing us to see and support each other’s practice despite physical separation. These new forms have shown yet again that ultimately, there is no separation between us, and the practice of each us us nurtures and sustains us all– no matter where we are. 

The theme of our annual fundraiser this year is No Separation. Our annual fundraiser raises money for operating expenses, which in the past year have included significant expenditures for virtualization of most of our programs, classes, and retreats. Monitors, microphones, cameras, and more have allowed us to bring the zendo into our homes, and to practice together. We invite you to support us in all that we do to make practice available virtually. 

Our goal is to raise $30,000. We will be focusing on raising funds May 2-9, but donations are welcome and appreciated at any time.  Please click below to donate. A PayPal account is not required. If you don’t wish to donate using a PayPal account, after clicking Donate button,  select Donate With a Debit or Credit Card. 

A Message from Our Abbot

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde

Dear Sangha,

Zen is a face to face tradition, yet for the last fourteen months we’ve had to adapt and minimize our face to face interactions.  Bowing to circumstance, we’ve adapted and found other ways of expressing and receiving the dharma.  

Having to improvise keeps us, both individually and as a temple, on our learning edge.  Collectively, we’ve learned a lot about caring for the broader sangha this year – the intangible ways in which we support each other, pastoral care, virtual offerings, the regularity of our daily schedule.  We took one of the lessons that has landed deeper for many over the past year as the theme for our annual fundraiser:  No Separation.  Wherever lines are drawn, in and out, mine and yours, practice and daily life; delusion and realization… they blur if we keep looking at them with fresh perspectives.  

Of course, sustaining awareness close to our edges requires support in many flavors – emotional, logistical, material, spiritual. Our devotion to our own practice and realization is reflected in the ways we commit to help others embody the way themselves.  Participating in this fundraiser can be one of those ways.  

We were hoping to celebrate being back in person for this, but it seems clear we’re not quite ready for a big event.  Like last year, we’re streamlining, and doing this ‘event’ on-line.  We are turning our focus to a number of free get-togethers over the summer that we hope will serve to forge and reinforce connections between members and reintegrate the broader sangha into formal practice and community.

Please, consider making a donation that will help Dharma Rain do this ongoing, important work of cultivating compassion, love and wisdom, whatever the external conditions.  

Thank you,

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Abbot, Dharma Rain Zen Center

A Message from Our Board of Directors Chair

Sitting sesshin during 2020 and 2021, up in my room, my wife and I sitting together sometimes, sometimes alone.  Sometimes the cat comes in and marches around, sometimes he curls up next to us on a zabuton and gets disturbed when we get up.  During kinhin I pass by the laptop and the zendo is onscreen.

Am I in the zendo?  Is the zendo in my room?  The zendo looks into my room; my room looks into the zendo.  Facilitated by screens, sanzen happens.  Meals happen.  Formal tea.  There is “Here” and there is “There”, but “Here” and “There” become soft around the edges, mesh together.  The perspective shifts from “I am here” to: “practice is occuring in this moment”, from “the temple is there” to “We meet one another together in this moment”.

Since the start of the pandemic, Dharma Rain Zen Center staff and volunteers have worked to facilitate classes, programs, and retreats accessible wherever you may be.  I invite you to support Dharma Rain’s cultivation of love, compassion, and wisdom with a contribution to our spring fundraiser.

Thank you,

j Kakuon Christian
Chair, Dharma Rain Board of Directors

Creating a Sense of Place

Watch this 5-minute video about Dharma Rain’s impact on the neighborhood and cultivating community by creating a sense of place.  It’s a Buddhist-lite take on the temple’s activity that may be especially suitable for sharing with family or friends.  Produced by Decater Collins, a local videographer.

Donate via PayPal:

If you would prefer, donations via check may be mailed to:
Dharma Rain Zen Center
8500 NE Siskiyou
Portland, OR 97220.

All donations are gratefully received.

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