With a full schedule and many active programs, Dharma Rain Zen Center would not function without the generous offerings of time and effort from volunteers. From simple, mindfulness-based tasks like cleaning, gardening and laundry; to ceremonial training in the Zendo; to the practicalities of office work and council meetings – how we go about our endeavors directly reflects our state of mind. From this perspective, every task we undertake is our practice of the moment.

Volunteering at Dharma Rain is one way new members can find their way into community. Whether sharing a work practice day with a group of people or finding solace in sweeping an empty Zendo, helping to care for and maintain our shared spaces and resources creates connection with the Sangha as a whole.

For our established members, volunteering can mean taking up a leadership role within the temple, making a practice-committment for an ango period, or practicing with the picking-up-and-putting-down of responsibility by shifting tasks when stepping onto, or off of, governing councils.

There are many opportunities to take part in the life of the temple:

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If you have questions or comments, please contact the Mandala Council: mandalacouncil AT dharma-rain DOT org.