Mandala Council

Mandala Council – Mandate, Responsibilities, Composition, Process & Relationships to Other Councils

The Mandala Council, under the guidance and supervision of the Abbots, Board and Dharma Council, helps ensure the harmonious and effective functioning of the temple by filling and rotating temple jobs. The Mandala Council supports the office of Shuso, allowing the Shuso to take on whatever Mandala Council responsibilities s/he is willing or able to.

Contact the council at [mandalacouncil at].

Current members of the Mandala Council are:

  • Robert Hakugyu Reinhart, Chair and White Family Representative
  • Valerie Kaishin Kelly, Shuso
  • Stacy Zonnyo Riger, Blue Family Representative
  • Karen Sokyo Swallow, Red Family Representative
  • Nicole Ko’in Newsom, Green Family Representative
  • position not filled, Yellow Family Representative