Elders Council

Elders Council – Mandate, Responsibilities, Composition, Process, and Relationships to Other Councils

DRZC Lineage Tradition and Temple Culture

The Elders’ Council collectively holds the knowledge and understanding of the customs, practice traditions and core Zen teachings that have been established at Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC). This body of knowledge includes the Soto Zen lineage teachings and traditions presented by the temple’s founders, Kyogen and Gyokuko Carlson, as well as customs, traditions and teaching approaches that have evolved within, and are supported by, the larger DRZC sangha. It is especially important that the Council provides stability and a thread of continuity during times of change within the temple, and serves as a conserving force if the Council assesses change as occurring too abruptly or too quickly, or if the changes appear to be inconsistent with the vision of the temple’s founders. The Council may also serve the temple in times of rigidity as a source of adaptability, emphasizing the creativity and ingenuity of the temple’s founders. Its primary responsibility is to assist and advise the board in finding, recruiting and selecting candidates for a new position in the Abbacy.

To e-mail the entire Elders Council, send to [elders-council at dharma-rain.org].

Current members of the Elders Council are:

  • Jyoshin Clay, Chair
  • Richard Fumyo Mishaga
  • Mark Sosetsu Stauffer
  • Sallie Jiko Tisdale
  • Jay Dosho VanSant
  • Mike Gyoshi Kaplan
  • Genko Rainwater
  • Gary Oshiro
  • Joe Shisei Niski