Mandate, Responsibilities, Composition, Process & Relationships to Other Councils

The Dharma Garden Council oversees all programs of the Dharma Garden. These include Dharma School, Dharma Camp, Frog Song Montessori Preschool, Childcare, and Parent classes. The primary focus of these programs is to support children and families: their spiritual development, well-being and growth; and to encourage and support young people’s inherent Buddha nature through community, compassion, sharing and joy. The Council cultivates these programs to support a vibrant and thriving broader Dharma Rain Sangha by offering to people of all ages a way into dharma and practice.

Dharma Garden seeks to express and cultivate the values of compassion, loving-kindness and connection.

Contact the Dharma Garden Council at [dharmagarden at].

Current members of the Dharma Garden Council:

Ko’in Newsom
Kemyo Lingley
Shin’yu Vitells
Jiteki Freda
Kakuon Christian