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Dharma Council – Mandate, Responsibilities, Composition, Process, and Relationships to Other Councils

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The Dharma Council assists and advises the Abbot(s) and Godo in determining matters of liturgy and teaching, and giving direction to the membership on these matters. It pays attention to strategic planning for the future function and evolution of the temple, in cooperation with the Board of Directors. The Dharma Council pays particular attention to the Teaching (Red and Blue) side of the temple, and to the training of people who could be qualified to serve as temple officers in the future.

To e-mail the entire Dharma Council, send to [dharmacouncil at dharma-rain.org].

Strategic Plan

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Sallie Jiko Tisdale is the Godo, and as such oversees facilitation of the Dharma Council. Current members of the Dharma Council are:

  • Mike Gyoshi Kaplan, Assistant Godo
  • Kyri Kengan Treiman, Tanto
  • Heidi Enji Hoogstra
  • Sylvan Genko Rainwater
  • Gabe Fields
  • Phyllis Maynard
  • Robert Hakugyu Reinhart
  • Madeleine Mader
  • Michael Eiko Howells