Curious about current mandates, policies and guidelines? Below is a list of .pdf files of our governing and other documents.

Corporate Documents

Articles of Incorporation (2012)
Bylaws (2017)

Governance Documents & Policies

2018 Annual Report
Building Rental Agreement
Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy (Jun 2013)
Confidentiality Policy (Apr 2015)
Ethics and Precepts in Sangha Relationships (Revised Apr 2015)
Ethics Complaint and Dispute Resolution Processes (Revised Apr 2015)
Gift Acceptance Policy (Apr 2015)
Lineage Tradition and Temple Culture (Jan 2010)
Mandala Model of Organization (2017) (Operating Procedures)
Media Policy (Oct 2015)
Safe Environment Policy
Scholarship Information and Application (Sept 2016)
Scholarship Information and Application (Sept 2016) (.docx file)
Strategic Plan – 62 pgs (Feb 2011)
Strategic Plan Summary – 23 pgs
Strategic Plan Summary – 4 pgs
Succession Plan
Teaching Roles
Zen Practice In Community (May 2008) [Replaced by Ethics and Precepts in Sangha Relationships above]


Letter of Intent for Future Estate Gift


Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Form
Childcare Policy (Nov 2014)
Dharma School Calendar 2016-2017


Residency Application
Residency Guidelines



Lotus Blooming & Siskiyou Development

Case Statement
Householder Refuge Prospectus (Sept 2013)
Lotus Blooming Pledge Form
Planting Zen Summary


Class Proposal
DRZC Seminary Program Application Form (Aug 2013)