Zen Meditation, Part 4

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
Zazen is widely recognized as our core practice, but a small percentage of available teaching minutes are allocated to how-to instruction. Why is that, how do we answer the questions we have about meditation, and what questions do we need to have about meditation? Come Sunday to find out.

Join us this Sunday, September 18, for zazen, sanzen and Kakumyo’s Dharma Talk. Kakumyo and Gyokuko offer sanzen.

8:30am Zazen (with optional sanzen)
9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation)
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Short Morning Service and Kyogen 2-year Memorial
10:10 Break/Announcements
10:30 Zen Meditation, Part 4

Sunday Lunch

As the weather turns cooler, we find that we have so enjoyed the lovely barbecue social time after morning services that we will continue to offer Sunday lunch to all. Feel free to hang around after the Sunday Dharma Talk for lunch at about 11:45am. You are welcome to bring something vegetarian, a side dish, snack or drink, or just yourself!

Enjoy the company of sangha and the natural beauty of this property in a relaxed, informal setting.